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Pianiste & Compositrice

Danse Avec Les Anges

- Anne Wolf Quatuor

Anne Wolf/piano

Theo de Jong/acoustic bass guitar

Lionel Beuvens/drums

Sigrid Vandenbogaerde/cello

Recorded on April 2019 and mixed on May 2019 at Synsound Studio Brussels by Dan Lacksman

Produced by Igloo records


Live at Jazz Station

- Wolf In The Wood

Anne Wolf/piano

Stefan Bracaval/flutes

Chris Joris/congas

Sal La Rocca/double bass

Recorded on December 2015 at Jazz Station Brussels and mixed on January and February 2016 by Pascale Snoeck

Produced by Anne Wolf for Mogno Music


Moon @ Noon

- Anne Wolf Trio + Voices

Anne Wolf/piano

Theo de Jong/acoustic bass guitar

Janco van der Kaaden/percussion

+vocals: Marcia Maria/Ben Ngabo/Mizzy/Christa Jérôme


Recorded at Jet Studio Brussels on August 2010 and mixed on October 2010 by Michel Andina

Produced by Anne Wolf and Mogno Music, supported by "Ministère de la Communauté française WB"


Eye Of The Day

Noriaki Hosoya/bass guitar

Anne Wolf/piano

Teun Verbruggen/drums & toys

Recorded at Jet Studio Brussels on November 2013 and mixed on January and February 2014 by Michel Andina

Produced by Noriaki Hosoya for Uplift Jazz Records



- Anne Wolf Trio

Anne Wolf/piano

Cédric Bo Waterschoot/bass guitar

Chris Joris/percussion

Marcia Maria/vocal, pandeiro, tamborim

Recorded and mixed at Igloo Studio Brussels on July 2001 by Daniel Léon

Produced by Igloo Records



- Pierre van Dormael

Pierre Van Dormael/guitar

Anne Wolf/piano, keyboards

Otti Van der Werf/bass guitar

Stephane Galland & Chander Sardjoe/drums

Bo Van der Werf, Manu Hermia, Nicolas Kummert/saxophones

Ben Ngabo, Michel Seba/percussion

Kris Defoort/piano

Recorded at Igloo Studio on April 2000 by Daniel Léon

Mixed by Daniel Léon & Pierre van Dormael on September 2001.

Produced by Igloo Records


Mirando al Sur

- Carmiña

Carmiña Cabrera/vocal, guitar

Anne Wolf & Philippe Reul/piano

Gwenael Micault/bandoneon

Nono Garcia/guitar

Jan de Haas/vibraphone, drums

Tonio Reina/drums, percussion

Daniel Stokart/saxophones, flutes

David Nuñez/violin

Osvaldo Hernandes/percussion

Henri Greindl/bass, guitar

Cristina Barros/flute

Recorded and mixed at Mogno Studio from September to November 2002 by Henri Greindl

Produced by Mogno Music


Parfum Latin

- Parfum Latin

Charles Loos/piano, keyboards

Anne Wolf/piano, keyboards, vocal

Pierre Bernard/flutes

Henri Greindl/bass

Jan de Haas/drums, percussion, marimba

Recorded at Mogno Studio in August 1999 by Yvan Hanon & Marjolaine Charbin.

Mixed by Henri Gerindl & Jan de Haas

Produced by Parfum latin for Mogno Music


Cheiro de Choro

- Cheiro de Choro

Anne Wolf/piano

Daniel Stokart/saxophones, flutes

Henri Greindl/electricdouble bass, cavaquinho, guitar

Tonio Reina/drums, percussion

Recorded at Mogno Studio on March 2002 and mixed on September 2002 by Henri Greindl

Produced by Mogno Music


Couleurs Jazz 3


A compilation of several artists produced by the Igloo label such as, a.o.: Anne Wolf Trio, Ivan Paduart, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Manu Hermia, Pierre van Dormael, Sadi, Philippe Aerts. quartet...

Released in 2002


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