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Pianist  & Composer
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Anne Wolf Quatuor

"Kahane's Walk in Kalahari"

2 digital tracks

Out 09.15.2023

Anne Wolf: piano, composition

Theo de Jong: acoustic bass guitar, cello arrangements

Lionel Beuvens: drums

Sigrid Vandenbogaerde: cello

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On tour in Belgium / Jazz tour - Les Lundis d'Hortense

29.09.23 Cinéma Corso – Verviers

11.10.23 Jazz Station – Brussels

14.10.23 Kulturzentrum Jünglingshaus – Eupen

15.10.23 Relais Jazz – Louvain

20.10.23 Foyer culturel – Sprimont

9.12.23 Le Bouillon Blanc – Libramont


25.11.23 Au Living – Louvain-La-Neuve

30.04.24 Centre culturel – Mouscron

Here is the video clip of the piece "Kahane's Walk in Kalahari"  from the 2-track single by Anne Wolf Quatuor, released by Igloo Records. Filmed by Vincent Blairon, with the support of Playright+ and Sabam for Culture.

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Interview with Anne Wolf

The Jazz d'Hortense #122

Hello Anne,

Did you grow up in an artistic family?

Not at all. Except for my great-grandfather, Georges Creten, who is a relatively well-known painter. My father was a Sunday painter and liked to collect paintings. My mother plays a bit of piano and.... read more

Interview BX1

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Musiq 3

Philip Baron



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