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Pianist  & Composer

Anne Wolf has been studying piano since she was nine years old. After ten years of academic studies she goes to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels*, obtains a FIRST PRIZE IN MUSIC THEORY and also studies classical harmony, musical analysis, choral singing, educational psychology and history of classical music.

From this time on she begins a very active professional musical life accompanying many French and Flemish singers and is participating in various projects in African, Brazilian, Cuban, Jazz, Rock, Pop or Soul music!
Meanwhile she continues to study at the Conservatory but this time in the jazz department and obtains a FIRST PRIZE IN PIANO in the class of Eric Legnini.

During the following years, her fondness for jazz or "southern" music is confirmed both on stage and in studio through various projects including her own TRIO with which she recorded the "AMAZONE" ALBUM on the IGLOO label, followed a few years later by the "MOON AT NOON" ALBUM which appeared on the MOGNO label.
In 2002 Anne Wolf receives the "DJANGO D'OR" awarded once a year to a new Belgian jazz talent.

In 2006 her composition "Moon at Noon" is awarded by SABAM at the end of a competition to choose the imposed work of the international contest "Jazz Hoeilaart Contest".

In 2015 she formed the group WOLF IN THE WOOD with which she recorded the "LIVE AT JAZZ STATION" ALBUM, released on the MOGNO label.


Her actual project is called ANNE WOLF QUATUOR with Theo de Jong on acoustic bass guitar, Lionel Beuvens on drums and Sigrid Vandenbogaerde on cello. In 2019 the album “DANSE AVEC LES ANGES” was released, followed in 2023 by the two pieces album "KAHANE'S WALK IN KALAHARI", both on IGLOO records.

Some important encounters marked her artistic journey like the ones with Michel Petrucciani, Eric Legnini, Charles Loos, Marcia Maria, Pierre Van Dormael and Theo de Jong.

Anne Wolf has performed abroad with various groups in
Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Holland, Japan, Canada, New-York, Austria, Brazil, Morocco ...

She has participated on about twenty albums, composed for television and theater, and has been teaching for years in the private and public domain (Movement and Opus Artis schools, State Music Academy in Waterloo, Saint-Josse, Nivelles and Arlon, workshops, clinics ...).

She has performed in concert and / or recorded with, among others:

Jazz & Latin Jazz: Marcia Maria, Charles Loos (in duo and with the group Parfum Latin), Pierre van Dormael (in several settings ot the group Vivaces), Chris Joris, Nono Garcia, Paolo Radoni, Phil Abraham, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Theo de Jong, Jan de Haas, Sal la Rocca, Robin Verheyen, Stephane Galland, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Bo Waterschoot, Manu Hermia, Stefan Bracaval, Lionel Beuvens, Kris Defoort, Hans van Oosterhout, Luiz Augusto, Bart Fermie, Pierre Bernard, Daniel Stokart, Maxime Blésin, Magda Mendes, Noriaki Hosoya, Marco Lobo, Stephan Pougin and much more….

Songs: Philippe Lafontaine, Sttellla, Isabelle Antenna, Helmut Lotti, Johnny Logan, Yasmine, Julos Beaucarne...

Young audience: Christian Merveille, André Borbé, ...


World music: Brasil Tropical, Ben Ngabo, Cheiro de Choro, Carmina Cabrera, …

Theater: Maîtresse de musique à la Ligue d'improvisation Belge, théâtre d’entreprise, les Baladins du Miroir...

* In Belgium: higher artistic education

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